Do What You Love – Be an Ambassador

Ambassadors are key players at The Shakti Yoga Wheel™. You are in charge of growing The Shakti Yoga Wheel™ community in your city or beyond, with the flexibility of promoting on your own schedule. When you refer clients, we will thank you in many ways


Be an Ambassador(2)

Take Home Extra Bonuses

Earn 12% of each sale for a yoga wheel referral and up to $250 for each studio referral*:  Also get 25% extra off of your first Shakti Yoga Wheel. We also celebrate milestones with cash bonuses, marketing material, and free participation in Shakti Yoga Wheel™ workshops and special prices for teacher training. The sky’s the limit – you can do and earn as much as you’d like.



Get Marketing Experience

You will work closely with The Shakti Yoga Wheel™ team to develop and own a local brand marketing strategy, gaining real-world marketing experience along the way. Even better? You can get exclusive access to represent The Shakti Yoga Wheel™ at yoga events, workshops, yoga festivals, fairs, and classes in major cities.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements?

  • Must have or be willing to set up a Shakti Yoga Wheel™ account. We will send you the link after you send in your application.
  • Must be a Shakti Yoga Wheel™ fan and believe in our mission of „Yoga is made for all of us“ and the attitude of lifelong progression with no failure creating an environment where love can grow.
  • Must be willing to commit to our brand exclusively.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age


What will I be doing as an ambassador?

  • Be the voice and representative of The Shakti Yoga Wheel™ in your city
  • Execute marketing campaigns to spread the word about The Shakti Yoga Wheel™ in yoga studios, gyms, and in your city.
  • Identify and create partnership opportunities with yoga studios, gyms, and other fitness places and around the city
  • Provide feedback to our marketing team and help to develop the Ambassador playbook!


In which cities can I apply?

  • You can apply in any of the US and European cities


What is the compensation?

  • Earn 12% of each sale for a yoga wheel referral and up to $250 for a studio referral*
  • Organize or host a Shakti Yoga Wheel™ workshop and get free access to the workshops
  • Ambassador special for The Shakti Yoga Wheel™ Teacher Training program
  • Shakti Yoga Wheel will promote your work on Facebook and Instagram
  • Opportunities to work events with hourly rates
  • Get your first Shakti Yoga Wheel for 20% off